However, this vulnerability affected only the browser version of whatsapp

You must use an effective and reliable app to spy on others. You can check the ratings and user feedback to understand their reputation. The app is absolutely free and if you are worried about the online activities of your kids, you should try this app today. Suicidal tendencies resulted from online games is a new kind of ailment and mostly young people have been found to be victimized or affected.

The bunch of features in this app will allow you to control and monitor the online activities of your kids secretly. The app will not only give you access to the WhatsApp chats but you can also avail multiple advanced features like real-time location tracking , remote control features, accessing call logs , push commands etc.

Moreover, this app is very simple to use. If you are thinking about the online security of your kids or near and dear ones, you should think about electronic surveillance. Here are some features of the app;. TheTruthSpy app comes along with numerous features and these features have made this app very popular among the users. You can see the chats, shared media, documents and many more.

If you wish to control their activities like blocking a website or banning the access to some particular URL, you can remotely perform such tasks easily. Here are some features of the app,.

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The app offers multiple advanced tools to enhance the monitoring experience and some of the features are,. If you are looking for the best monitoring solution for your kids, you should give a try. Similar to other effective spying apps, PhoneSpying comprises modern monitoring features like real-time location tracking, accessing social media including WhatsApp, Facebook and others.

If you wish to control the access, you can also do it with this cloud-based monitoring app. Popular features of this app are;. Free Phone Tracker is a popular monitoring app and many people use this app to spy on others WhatsApp messages.

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  • Free Phone Tracker offers multiple monitoring tools that can spy on other social media accounts of your targeted device. Free Phone Tracker is a good app and you can try this out today. If you are looking for an effective monitoring solution for your near and dear ones or kids, you must have heard the name of the NetSpy app.

    You can get this app free of cost and it offers many spying features that made famous among the users. TeenSafe is another electronic surveillance app that helps you to monitor online activities on other devices. If you are looking for a good parental control app, you can take a look at the features.

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    The app comes with multiple monitoring tools and you can use these tools to monitor the activities of your kids on the internet. The app is highly effective for parental monitoring solution with its numerous tools. Make an informed and considerate decision by picking the one that suits your needs best. While recording their real-time texts messages on WhatsApp, you can simultaneously keep a track on their instant calls and can listen to them live. This feature is unique and is only found in some selected software. Along with this, you get the opportunity to discover their call history and call duration details as well.

    It is not just a masterstroke player in the world of spying but eventually is very credible software. It keeps you away from problems like that of rooting or jailbreaking and makes your task much simpler. Its constantly uploads all the WhatsApp data on your online control panel and helps you to maintain an overall record of all the data by organizing it chronologically. Both the standard and pro versions are quite suitable for all Android and iPhone devices and help you in maintaining a detailed record of their overall WhatsApp activities.

    So if you are looking to spy on WhatsApp messages in a cheaper way, then you can select the standard versions, however, for more advanced features, pro version would be the best alternative.

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    All their activities are detected in real time and are uploaded on your control panel. It creates a detailed log of all calls, messages, media files and much more and stores them on the control panel with full details like time, date and location of transmissions.

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    • It not only helps you in detecting the WhatsApp behavior but even carries features like that of keylogger which can make your task smarter. Here, you get the synchronized detail of all the applications, email accounts and their passwords along with the general pattern or numeric passwords used to unlock the mobile phone. So now, even if your suspect deletes any of the WhatsApp conversation, you will still get the opportunity to read this whole discussion right at your online control panel.

      These detailed chats are stored with the date of the sender and receiver along with the date, time and location of sending. It records and displays all the real-time ambient noises and lets you listen to them. You can read all their texts, listen to their calls, can detect passwords and can even manage their data usage and phone directory.

      So these were the top 10 WhatsApp spy apps which make your ultimate spying task as a reliable and affordable deal. You can select from any of the software detailed above and can make your monitoring highly reliable. The best part of each of these is that they all carry amazing support and are totally customer oriented.

      5 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps That Really Work [ Updated]

      While you operate on any of these, you will get to experience instant support from the experts who will instruct you 24X7. Although, your choice totally depends upon your need and budget, if you require excellent spying, then opt for TheTruthSpy as nothing could be better than that. What makes a spy application unique and beneficial?

      Tracking only the WhatsApp activities will not fulfill your task of overall spying. Thus, it is essential for every application to possess more additional features. A lot of application today claim to provide more than features, but only some of them succeed in doing so. However, if you need to know about the most prominent features that every spy app must have, then read further and choose anyone from the top 10 WhatsApp spy apps mentioned above as they carry all these characteristics and services. So, this was all about the top 10 WhatsApp spy apps which exist today in the online spy world.

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      As changes are4 inescapable and such software are the need of the hour, it is your responsibility to choose any of them smartly and take a step towards technological reforms. Such software is not only an amazing way of monitoring on others but can eventually help you in keeping your official data safe. Top 10 WhatsApp Spy Apps. User Review 4. All right reserved. Highster mobile. Spymaster Pro. Mobile Spy.

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      Android, iPhone. Hidden Call Recording Can let you listen to all the audio conversations in real time.